What better way to celebrate an important anniversary of one of life’s most sensorially-rich pleasures than with an event that puts you at the heart of a box of chocolates? Our challenge was to launch the new Godiva anniversary collection while sharing the unique craftmanship and heritage behind the brand.

An emotional journey

It started with a cryptic invitation and waft of the brand’s signature chocolate and hazelnut aroma to get people into the spirit of the event. The invitation also featured an abstract golden shard – each piece brought together at the event to create a striking abstract artwork. Guests were met in Brussels by coaches filled with the signature aroma they remembered from the invitation, along with a branded soundscape. At the art deco venue that reflected the art of the chocolatiers, they found themselves in a unique triple-layered multisensory experience. 150 VIP journalists and media people were taken through the past, present and future of the brand.

Three steps to heaven

In layer one, they learned about the history of Godiva and were treated to a sensory showcase of the key ingredients from the unique Aroma Organ. In layer two, they enjoyed the ultimate sampling extravaganza that showcased the new anniversary collection using taste, sound, light, colour and blown air to engage every sense. In the third layer, the VIPs sat down to a sensory three-course dining experience to celebrate Godiva’s latest innovation – rose and raspberry.

A 3-star experience

Created by 3 Michelin star chef Christophe Hardiquest and accompanied by immersive lighting, aroma and projections to enhance the flavours and textures of the food. The new flavour was showcased with its own firework display in tandem with the distinctive new aroma.

Continuing the story

Every second of the event was planned and managed by Condiment Junkie – from the research and scientific insights to the creative execution and staff training. And the event was a huge success, generating more than 16 million $US of press coverage. As well as impressing on the night, the aromas and other sensory elements, such as the Aroma Organ, were designed to be modular and have been taken into retail to continue the story beyond the exclusive event. Trials have shown an uplift in sales of specific chocolates when these sensory elements are installed in retail outlets.

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