In order to sell in the ‘cider over ice’ serve in emerging cider markets like Eastern Europe, we were asked to come up with an easy to scale pouring ritual, and related bar comms.

We first had to research and prove the cider over ice serve. Defining the reasons to believe. Creating a persuasive argument for why to serve the drinks that way.

And then we devised a simple ritual that engages the consumer with the drink and the ice.

(Rituals are proven to enhance consumption and perceived quality – but only when the consumer themselves performs the ritual).

As you pour the drink from the bottle, you begin to swirl the glass, spinning the ice. The liquid circulates around the ice, cooling it more quickly than if you just poured it still.

The swirling motion also creates more nucleation – so that the bubbles froth up and the enticing apple aromas are released.

We created a series of drink coasters promoting the serve, as well as other tools such as bartender scripts to sell in the serve.

Bartender RTB:

  1. “Swirling the glass cools the drink quickly, and makes the cider sparkle, releasing the apple aromas’
  2. “As you pour the cider, swirl the glass to make it fizz up and release the aroma as the bubbles burst, and circulate the cider around the ice to cool it quickly”
  3. “Swirl the glass as you pour the cider in. This circulates the cider around the ice so it cools quicker. And it increases the amount of bubbles that are activated, which carry the aroma compounds to the surface when they pop, releasing all the apple aromas”.