Heineken developed three limited edition lagers to help enhance their craft credentials and to engage with the more adventurous beer drinker. They were each created using ‘wild yeasts’ found in remote locations around the world. Each one giving the beer a unique character.

Wild lager 5

A yeast discovered in the Himalayas produced a crisp, fresh citrus profile. Clove spice from one discovered in Patagonia. And a full rich, almost sweet flavour from the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Using our knowledge of how to communicate the emotional world of the products – all about craft, discovery, openness to experience - and the sensory cues to evoke the different flavour profiles, we defined a ‘sensory territory’ for each variant. The documents help global marketing strategically position the ‘Wild Lager’ brand and the products, defining the brand essence and personality. The sensory territory also includes design briefs for the creation of all the brand collateral – from the labels, bottle shape and packaging, to Key visuals, POS and merchandise.

WIld lager guidelines

Then we moved on to create a touring experience to engage consumers with the new products…


Wild Lager Discovery is a touring bar and taste experience, made out of two shipping containers, connected by a huge 20m canopy. Every element was designed by us, following our own sensory briefs.

One container opens up to create a walk-in bar serving the three Wild Lagers. Decked out in living walls and 
a huge timber bar etched with a world map. A wild natural soundscape plays.

The garden terrace features weathered furniture, a grass floor, festoon lighting. We created playlists for different times of the day and days of the week. Shadows of leaves project onto the canopy at night.

Wild Lager Rooms

The second container holds 12 people at a time for a three course immersive tasting. As each beer is brought out, projection-mapped sequences make it seem like one end of the container opens to reveal a different location. The lighting changes colour. A canapé comes out along with the lager and an aroma or ingredient to touch and smell. The environment highlights the individual flavours of each beer.

‘Discovery’ premiered in Amsterdam in June 2018, before moving to Bilbao and then Madrid. More destinations are planned for next summer.

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