Working with Westfield shopping centres to increase awareness of their in-centre food offer. We created the Tongue Twister installation that introduced people to the science of taste. The experience took place over 4 rooms, each focusing on a single sense and the role it has on our perception of taste.

tongue twister 2

A sensory cleanser set visitors up for the experience, as we performed a supertaster test on everyone.

Sound was explored as visitors ate foods while their chewing was amplified. Others listened to different soundtracks that changed how things taste. We had people matching music to flavours – capturing results on iPads to add to our knowledge.

The sight room challenged people to guess the flavour of drinks that had been dyed different colours. Apple juice made red was mostly thought to be Cherry. We used UV light to change food colour too.


Aroma trumpets pumped out crazy scents while people ate jellybeans. Creating amazing taste and aroma combinations.

Tongue Twister was held at Stratford and White City Centres, and was visited by over 7,000 customers and resulted in a direct uplift of sales in the food court.

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