We created the world’s first sonically-enhanced drinking glass. It uses bone conduction to play a soundtrack inside a person’s head while they drink. The sound is designed to bring out the flavours of the drink.

We were asked to design a new glass for Johnnie Walker, to generate PR that would help land the new signature serve for Red label – Johnnie & Ginger. The goal was to push the boundaries of technology and sensory science. And do something cool.

Our response was The Boldest Glass.

A glass that, through bone conduction, plays the individual drinker a soundtrack that dials up the taste, increasing the spice and boldness of the drink.

Music in my head

After intense research and testing – and lots of ginger ale - we developed the tech, the design and the cross-modal soundtrack to make it work.

A tiny amp and radio receiver in the base of the glass picks up the audio and feeds it to an ‘exciter’ hidden under the brand label, in an indent in the hand-blown glass. The exciter turns the whole thing into a speaker. As you tip it up to take a sip, a tilt switch triggers the sound. When your lips are in contact with the glass, the sound travels along your jaw and you hear it in your head, as if you have headphones on – and no one else can hear it!

Transmitting the sound with radio, rather than having a player in the glass, meant we could make the base containing all the tech smaller. But it also meant we could beam anything we want to the glass. As well as having taste enhancing soundtracks, you could have your own personal DJ who plays a set that only you can hear through your glass.

The Boldest glass did a great job generating tons of coverage, PR and talkability.

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