Heineken asked us to devise an engagement tool to help introduce global markets to the natural wonders of cider. The current Heineken portfolio of Ciders includes Strongbow, Orchard Thieves, Old Mout and Bulmers. With the apple at it’s heart, we created the Cider Box.

The Cider Box is a three tiered tool that delivers a short immersive experience. Clients and customers learn about the origins and process of cider making. The varieties available. And then taste the product.

Lifting the lid triggers the sound of birdsong, and reveals an apple nestled in grass, an apple blossom aroma and an apple knife.
The inside of the lid shows a diagram of the cider making process. The Brand Ambassador cuts the apple and hands everyone a slice, while introducing the category.

Cider 1The second layer focuses on pomology and fermentation. Guests get to try the pure juices from different types of eating, cooking and bittersweet cider apples. They blend the juices themselves to get an idea of the craft the cider makers employ to create the finished product.

The bottom layers reveals 4 sample ciders for everyone to taste.


85 boxes were sent out around the globe for local markets to hit the streets with. Getting non-beer drinkers and beer drinkers alike to make the natural choice and switch to cider.


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